Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Sunshine!

 Some more photos of what's doing well in the month of June with some small additions! Above is a patio rose years old,always performs when I treat it with Roseclear at the first sign of black spot and conditions have been very  helpful to this lately!
A new purchase,a few plants of Busy Lizzie,a summer staple,never under performs!

Monkshood,hosta,day Lillie's red hot pokers in background( though these are yellow)!

A Mothers Day rose that came from my late Mothers garden ,lots of bus doing great!

Best buy ever, outdoor gerbera,the orange is now 2yrs old and I sourced two golden coloured plants recently,these will flower into October!

The lone primrose vialli in the centre,like a lipstick! Leaves are very scarce as are flowers this year?

First lily to bloom this year from a few bulbs bought at Bloom festival last year,the red spider has machine gunned holes all over the plants!

This is a lovely geranium called Francis Headley,lots of flowers with the great sunshine we have been having!

A little non flower item,watermelon,great thirst quencher on a hot day!

More pots,yellow marguerites and begonias.

Finally,a bunch of lilies I found on top of a parking meter in the city centre,obviously forgotten,they came home with me,I had the pleasure of the sight and scent of them for two weeks!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Flowers and Festivals!

Last weekend my sister and I attended our 7th annual trip to Dublin to see Bloom in the Park,a festival run over the bank holiday weekend,showcasing all the best in food,flowersand everything to do with gardening!

There were 23 show gardens to see,an indoor floral pavilion,and many,many stalls/shops selling all sorts! Cookery/gardening demos and a fashion show as well.Something for everyone.It is all all on display in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. It differs from Chelsea in that it is billed as a family day out,children admitted free,and lots of activities laid on to entertain them!Alliums standing tall!

More Alliums!

Magnificent Lilies!

Cape Cod Escape was the title of this show garden,inspired by a visit to Cape Cod,it had a sandy shoreline to the front as well,befitting a beach shack!

A side view of the colourful planting in the Tayto Garden - Potatoe to Packet!

This was my personal favourite,for colour,variety and form,Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin Garden," incorporating the concept of a refuge/a sunken bolt hole or retreat to escape the often difficult daily grind that patients face".

A lovely bed of Chives in the walled garden,run by the office of public works at the park. There are beds of potatoes,carrots,sweet corn,rhubarb,salad leaves,artichokes,among other varieties here in the manicured beds.

Lots of places for a welcome pit stop!

!Delphiniums with my giant thumb in the foreground!

Never throw away a pallet again,look at this colourful patio set made entirely from pallets!

The intrepid travellers having a much needed coffee!

The never ending Q outside for the shuttle buses to take us back to the city centre after a great day! Roll on next year!
Happy Gardening!

Friday, May 23, 2014

More Pictures!

The lush greenery around the pond area is coming along nicely,what with regular showers and nice sunny days ! Host as,day lilies and monkshood.

Love this sca
rlet red azalea!

I have two of these clematis Montana,they were fantastic this year! Creating two beautiful arches at each side of the garden,a daily pleasure to see!

Dont know the variety of this hosta,but it is one I've had for years and divided into 4 a while back,the diameter of the leaves is very wide,a great looker!

This is just one plant of a beech hedge I bought years ago,not realizing it's mainly used as hedging,so I keep it trimmed and this year it looks lovely,very tall and elegant among the greenery,a lovely deep bronze colour!
Happy Gardening!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Garden

Pictures no sound! Just going to upload photos from my garden that are nice eye candy at the moment,trying to add text after each photo is proving impossible as only two photos appear at any time and I can't seem to be able to sort the problem on my IPad at the moment!

Monday, March 17, 2014

St.Patricks Day!

Happy St.Patricks Day to all,enjoy the day !��������

Monday, March 10, 2014


 What a beautiful sunny day here in the south of Ireland today! Clear blue sky,with a little warmth there too! A perfect day to capture some nice pics of the few blooms I have in the garden.I hope to fill in the blanks soon!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February Garden

Making use of the intermittent sunshine to awaken the garden from its winter slumber,I am digging and making space for some new plantings I have in mind,though I am thinking of bulbs mostly. I made a start last year though as you can see from the top photo there are gaps!

Snowdrops in bloom now......
My one and only plant of Hellebores with Tete a Tete.......

The Camellia full of buds ready to bloom........

I planted a few extra flowers at the base of the cherry tree for colour!
Happy Gardening!

Friday, February 21, 2014


It's been a while since I blogged,but my computer is down and out for a while now and blogging from the IPad is a bit different! I have no current photos to upload so I am using old ones here,only the snowdrops are realistic at this time in my garden ,though they are not as advanced as the photo yet!
It will be awhile before a poppy shows it's colours!
After a few weeks of horrible weather since Christmas the days are getting longer and a little brighter at last.We were very lucky that we suffered no great damage in the recent stormy weather,just a timber rose arch blown over and a waterlogged front garden but nothing major.
I for one cannot wait to see some blue skies and sunshine!
Happy Gardening to all!