Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Old and the New!

Just a sample of my photos from my trip to Prague with my son!
Moi under the astronomical clock!
Me on Charles Bridge!
Looking at the Lesser Town from Charles Bridge
The old town square with the Tyn Church in the background.
My favourite sight in Prague the astronomical clock!Everyday throngs of tourists gather here to see the clock strike the hour and the two shutters above the clock open and the figures of the 12 apostles appear in each window maybe two at a time,while the skeleton figure below on the right(not in this photo)rings a bell.Its all over in seconds and there is a sigh of dissapointment from everyone when that happens! A trumpeter in full regalia then appears on the parapet above and plays his trumpet for a few seconds and proceeds to the other three corners of the castellated top where tourists are gathered for a fine view of Prague!
A popular brand of supermarket in Prague
Inside the Palladium Shopping Centre
The Palladium Shopping Centre,200 shops all leading brand names very modern and chic!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I am currently on route to Prague for a few days break,hope to have plenty of photos to upload when I return,sun is shining here at Dublin airport,hope it is doing likewise in Prague!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fertilizer Friday!

Fertiliser Friday is hosted by Tootsie Time and here are my offerings from my garden!Autumn(fall) is well and truly here though the frosts have yet to come and do damage !

Cyclamen planted recently.
Kaffir lilies!
Campanula flowering on and off!
Begonias,red on the left,pink begonias in the blue wheelbarrow,a fuschia plant in front brought from my late parents garden and behind it another fuschia given t0 me by a friend,you can also see the branches of sambuca black lace overhanging on the right of the picture.
Pansies ,a bit straggly but still with pretty faces!
These have flowered on and off all summer,Marguerites I think they are called!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Walking in the sunshine!

Today dawned sunny with a cloudless blue sky so I took myself off to Crosshaven to walk the old railway line from Carrigaline to the village of Crosshaven.You can pick and choose the length of your walk along the waterside with its myriad of boats/yachts nestling in the harbour on one side and a busy traffic route on the other but quite safe for walkers/skateboarders/cyclists/fun/fitness walkers all whom I encountered on my walk today.
The ideal stopoff for that cup of coffee after your walk of course!
The pathway!
These signs are placed at each Km.along the walk to measure your distance(fitness)!

Seats to rest on after your walk!

Lovely blue lace cap hydrangeas overlooking the harbour.

St.Tropez in Cork!

The sun was too bright here,the sign says that Crosshaven is twinned with Pleumeur-Bodou in Brittany,France!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Ta-daaaaaa! Announcing the birth of my solitary sunflower! It finally flowered after much waiting and watching,even though its October,it flowered on the 1st and I got up close and personal to take this picture,even turning it towards the camera as when I am looking out the kitchen window it has its face turned the other way! Must remember to plant lots next year PG.!
I have had numerous pickings from my sweet pea grown from seed though I had only two colours!However a jug full every few days on the window sill and I am a happy camper!