Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flower Towers

 Drive by photography! Took this picture while driving into town the other day.These towers of flowers,all petunias,were brought out by the good people in City Hall who are responsible for our parks and gardens looking good in the city.They pulled out all the stops last year for Queen Elizabeths visit which was a great  success. The towers are placed all over town and are looking fantastic in spite of the lack of sunshine!
 Another drive by photo!

 Outside City Hall

 A city centre florist displaying their wares on a bicycle!
 A rare sunny day in Aghada,a local town which is kept pristine and with lovely views towards Cobh.

Not the french riviera!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Out and About

Today we spent a few hours in the lovely town of Kinsale
 Co.Cork. It is a very colourful town with many homes and shopfronts painted in lovely pastel colours.Flowers are in plentiful supply over shops and homes and all add to the overall appeal of the town.Tourists always find their way here to drink and eat in the array of cafes/bistros/bars which are dotted all over town.

 A lovely vintage shop with a quirky name!
 Plenty of steps to keep you fit if you are so inclined!
 A timely reminder to late night revellers.
 A bicycle wheel lends an unusual shape to this street lamp.
 The tourist train winding its way through the narrow streets.
 A pit stop outside The Greyhound bar,complete with ornamental pump.
 Window boxes resembling boat shapes!

 The famous fishy fishy shop and cafe.Fishy Fishy restuarant is on the pier road fronting the harbour.

 Made our first visit to Desmond Castle which also incorporates a wine museum and french prison,at a very modest entrance fee of 3 euros per adult it is well worth a trip but no free samples at the end!

 Spires of the Carmelite Friary.
 Post box bearing the Royal insignia.

Just some more colourful homes!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Garden Festival!

 This garden called "Reflections"won 1st prize,that is my reflection at the end of the rectangle taking the pic,I am in a pink jacket!

 Lots of this type of statuary visible on a few gardens,added to the overall feel of the show gardens!

 Sister Peggy was involved with her fellow allotmenteers in developing this garden showing how to grow your own veg,and how to have happy hens laying regularly too.

 A crafty pair of owls!
 Angela who provided everyone with a nice cuppa on the day,suitably dressed in her floral wellies and apron!

 Sister Peggy advising and answering questions on having your own allotment,her blog www.organicgrowing tells of the highs and lows of same!