Friday, July 6, 2012

Garden Festival!

 This garden called "Reflections"won 1st prize,that is my reflection at the end of the rectangle taking the pic,I am in a pink jacket!

 Lots of this type of statuary visible on a few gardens,added to the overall feel of the show gardens!

 Sister Peggy was involved with her fellow allotmenteers in developing this garden showing how to grow your own veg,and how to have happy hens laying regularly too.

 A crafty pair of owls!
 Angela who provided everyone with a nice cuppa on the day,suitably dressed in her floral wellies and apron!

 Sister Peggy advising and answering questions on having your own allotment,her blog www.organicgrowing tells of the highs and lows of same!


  1. When I stepped into the showroom, I felt like I was in Provence.
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  2. Were the owls alive? It all looks very beautiful. Many gardens around here have a 'fried' look. Thanks for taking us along.

    1. Hi c.Joy!,yes they were very much alive,I think the handler brought them in to let the younger visitors see them up close and personal!They seemed quiet enough!

  3. I feel like I walked through this beautiful garden with you. Lovely photos.


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