Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Aftermath!

Well the excitement has not died down yet!After a very successful tour of Cork yesterday during which the sun shone for the Queens visit,I took my own tour of the English Market this morning.
I had to wait for about 20mins such was the crowd waiting for breakfast at the Farmgate cafe upstairs at 9.20am! The staff were stretched to the limit,at one stage the fire alarm went off for a short while(nobody moved) I think the toaster was overheating or overworked! The market itself was so busy with tourists and locals,there was a real feel good factor going on with customers and stall holders,the same topic was being discussed everywhere,what was she like,what did she say to you etc.etc.! Everyone was in great form,no talk of the damp misty weather outside for once.I think everyone came with a camera today to snap the plaque that the Queen unveiled,all in all a very positive visit!

The plaque which the Queen unveiled yesterday with my reflection on it!
The colourful display in the fountain.
This guy made all the front pages of the papers today as he had a fairly long chat with the Queen yesterday,telling her he hadnt been this nervous since his wedding day 30yrs.ago!
He also was quoted on the paper today saying how proud his late Mother would have been to see the Queen at the market!

A hundred thousand welcomes for the Queen (in Gaelic)!

A cake depicting the Cork coat of arms at the Farmgate cafe.

Upstairs at the Farmgate cafe
Ducks and pheasant hanging on view,Prince Philip enquired as to how the heads were allowed to stay on!
Homemade apple tart complete with cloves(like my late Mother used to make) available at the Farmgate cafe,delicious!
Artichokes adorning the top of the market fountain!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Todays Garden

Various shades of green,hostas and geranium.

Poppies just opening now,brought back as seed from Monets garden in Giverny,Paris some years back!
I am linking up with today for fertilizer Friday!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Queens Visit to Cork!

This morning I was in the city centre early and decided to stroll through the English Market (while I still can) which due to the impending visit of Queen Elizabeth next Friday is becoming the talk of the town!It will be closed off to the public during the visit for security reasons but after the visit everyone is welcome again,and I believe hampers similar to one given to the Queen will be available to buy online at .Everything from meat,fish,veg.cakes,household,clothes and cafes make up the market and a visit is a must for the tourist.The Farmgate cafe upstairs is my favourite to spend an hour and people watch from the lofty heights!
The focal point in the market is this colourful fountain where there were plenty of tourists around it this morning.The hen on the left is not real by the way!
Not sure about the no laughing area sign here,maybe the stall holder is a sensitive guy?
View from the upstairs cafe in the market looking out onto Princes St.
Mini Irish and coffee for me!
The self service side upstairs at the Farmgate cafe,normally by 11.00am it is hard to find an empty seat!Lovely teas/coffee,sandwiches and desserts are served,and you can have a good old spy on everyone walking through the market as well!

The table service side of the Farmgate cafe upstairs in the market where a sign proclaims "the market is our larder",all ingredients are sourced downstairs from the various stalls and local cuisine like Irish Stew,oysters,sheperds pie,bacon and cabbage can be enjoyed.
OConnells fish stall is a landmark stall here for many years being started by the boys late Mother and now run successfully by them.If it swims they sell it!
The ABC bread company are always very busy selling their various breads.
Now to await the next VIP to our country!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Garden Gems!

Hostas never fail to please! I do not know the individual varieties,but the dark green one has been divided this year and from one enormous plant I now have four!The two tone one is more attractive though I think!
Hostas and geranium
This fiery red azalea is providing the "eye candy" in the garden at the moment,never fails to impress,even after being moved this year at a late date from its usual position.

My clematis,where there is a birds nest at the moment,acer in the foreground,crocosmia on the right and a beech plant towering over it.