Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Caught this unusual reflection on my wall yesterday as the sun was shining through the glass door in the front sitting room!It was perfectly reflected on the opposite wall,For a minute I thought someone had been decorating!
Another angle!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Late bloomers and recoveries!

A miracle recovery!Last years snow and frost killed off many corydilines,including my torbay dazzler of many years.Advice given by the experts was to cut down the stump to any hard wood and watch and wait.Well ours had no hard wood ,just soft pulp,so it got cut down to nothing!Lo and behold a few weeks ago I spotted three new growths spurting forth from the stump!Lesson learned............never say die!
Last sunflower of summer! Out of 3 sunflower plants this one got decimated in early summer by slugs only to come again bearing a fairly small flowerhead but I am not complaining.This is the fairly commonly seen sunflower,the other two plants are two tone and bearing lots of flowers on tall stems.
"Jimmy" doing a spot of watering in the flower bed!Ground conditions have been very dry due to lack of a good drop of rain though now that I have said it ,we will get a deluge now doubt!

Still getting lots of sweet pea for indoors,today the 7th September,I picked enough to fill a glass on my kitchen window sill,not the vase in the photo here.The secret is in cutting every two/three days and still they are coming! I decided to display the sunflowers that I was losing on the stem when they blew over in the windy conditions.The stems are so heavy they bow down and break off.Happy Gardening!