Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Magical Show at Christmas!

 Hope everyone is enjoying this festive season hopefully with family and friends !
On the night of the 18th December,hubby and I had the great pleasure of attending our very first Andre Rieu concert at the O2 venue in Dublin.We endured a less than pleasant drive up from Cork due to adverse weather conditions but got there in time to check in to our overnight hotel and get to the concert in record time! It was worth all the hassle needless to say,a packed arena and a great night was had by all! Following are a selection of photos from the event......

 The ever changing background threw up some shapes!

 Right showing the packed arena!
 Got to stand right in front of the stage at this point!

 Beautiful backdrops,costumes and tenors and sopranos,it had it all!

And here we are at the end of a most enjoyable show,cant wait to go again!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The time of year...........

 Well its getting closer and closer .......Christmas of course! It hardly seems like a year since the decorations were stored away and here we are decorating and shopping again!
Leafing through magazines my daughter brought home from her travels in France and Spain,and a few her American friend brought to her,I think I definitely Under decorate!! Imagine taking all that down I said to her about a heavily decorated tree,perish the thought!Anyway.we are enjoying very mild temps.for the time of year here,cannot remember a good rainy day recently,so great weather for being out and about! Following are a few pics from when I started the home decor,tree no.2 which will be a real tree has yet to be installed,so I am delaying a while so it is still green by the big day itself! This gi normous cone on the left was picked from the ground last summer during our holiday in the Loire Valley,brought home a good few though not all this size!

 I christened this tree my recession tree,as it cost me 14.99 euros in my local Super Valu! Standing at a questionable 6ft it does the job when trimmed with lights (I also reverted to coloured ones this year instead of stark white)more traditional I think!

 My favourite is my front door with this great sign daughter C brought back from Florida,Disneyland of course!
 This rustic heart was given free in a Spanish magazine that my daughter brought home,I added the berries and wrote the year with a sharpie!

 Sign says it all!!

 Little lamposts,battery operated and mini trees,another gift from daughter C.
 Christmas Glow is the name given to the festival in Cork City this year,we also have a ferris wheel that gives views over the city for 3.00! Nothing like the size of the London Eye but still good!

Tir na Nollaig a faery themed park for little ones!