Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Magical Show at Christmas!

 Hope everyone is enjoying this festive season hopefully with family and friends !
On the night of the 18th December,hubby and I had the great pleasure of attending our very first Andre Rieu concert at the O2 venue in Dublin.We endured a less than pleasant drive up from Cork due to adverse weather conditions but got there in time to check in to our overnight hotel and get to the concert in record time! It was worth all the hassle needless to say,a packed arena and a great night was had by all! Following are a selection of photos from the event......

 The ever changing background threw up some shapes!

 Right showing the packed arena!
 Got to stand right in front of the stage at this point!

 Beautiful backdrops,costumes and tenors and sopranos,it had it all!

And here we are at the end of a most enjoyable show,cant wait to go again!


  1. Oh lucky you! He is one of my favourites.

  2. Looks like a beautiful concert! What a lovely way to spend the holidays!


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