Saturday, January 14, 2012

Signs of Life!

Small signs of life in the garden at the moment...............
Hopefully this is my Lily of the Valley making a comeback from last year!
Narcissi tete a tete coming on.
These are my indoor paperwhites at the moment,lovin them! The scent is amazing while sitting in the room at night even!They came from the local garden centre and have since flowered and are a good 2 weeks in flower now and still standing tall!
What an alternative to growing your bulbs in soil!Spotted this pic in Homes and Garden)using Lego in one,very imaginative and colourful!
First tete a tete to flower this year in my garden,there are reports of daffodils and snowdrops and crocus flowering a lot earlier around the country this year due to the milder than usual weather!
A  solitary grape hyacinth peering through!
Snowdrops from last year..........returning!
More tete a tete in the garden which badly needs weeding now!
Campanula shining in the cold sunshine