Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fuchsia Alert!

Gardeners around the world have been alerted to a new disease called the gall mite which has been found in a number of European countries,including France,UK,Germany and the Channel Islands.It has not as yet been confirmed in Ireland.The microscopic pest causes severe disruption of the tips of the shoots and it prevents flowering.
The disease is ranked a notifiable disease which means that an outbreak must be notified to the Department of Agriculture.Do not import any cuttings of plants from abroad-apparently healthy or not-if you see the symptoms,report it to the Dept.
Hopefully we will escape this,I am already at the loss of a fuchsia from the severe frosts and have one left so I will be watching closely!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today marks the first day of Lent(Ash Wednesday) a time when we traditionally give up something for the seven weeks or so.As you can see from the following photos my choice will be wine,no sauvignon blanc for me for the next while or so!

Monday, February 15, 2010

To Market................To Market!

Valentines Day, we visited a well known garden centre in the western suburbs where they were also holding a farmers market on the day. All sorts were there including live chickens,Alpacas,arts and crafts,food stalls,basketry and live music as well as the array of lovely plants and flowers.The day was cold but a lovely bright blue sky overhead ensured the crowd was up for the outdoor browsing and eating!A bit cold for gardening but lots there to tempt you to buy for the season ahead!

Alpacas getting up close and personal!

Live music too!

Lead the way!

Tea cosies going for 10 euros

Baskets for all occasions!

Lots of Snowdrops!

Polyanthus going for a euro!

Chickens, sorry do not know the breed!

The end product!

Catching up on the gossip!

They must have known it was Valentines Day!

Going home in the late evening, the sun was sinking in a ball of red fire! View coming down Summerhill North, Cork City.

Monday, February 8, 2010

City of Angels!

This is an exhibition of Angels sponsored by Vodafone Ireland Foundation. Each angel will be sold at a high profile auction to be held at a future date when the exhibit is over, at present it is in Cork and will travel to other counties like Waterford,Kerry,Limerick,Kilkenny,Galway,Donegal and Belfast City .It originated in Dublin.Various charitable organisations are to benefit from this, and much more information can be found by going to the website www.angelsbeaconsofhope.ie.

I made a little movie with the help of windows movie maker and as it was my first time I am quite chuffed with myself but the music goes on longer than the photos so when you come to the end of these and are faced with an empty screen please switch off! Sorry in advance but will do better next time!Enjoy!