Friday, July 24, 2009

Brides to Be.......All Three!

Three wedding invites waiting to be RSVP...d!Must be the wedding season!

Have two weddings to look forward to, the third invite is not for us!One wedding here in Cork in August and the other in Preston,England in October, so going to make a few days of that!

Problem Solved!

Back with pictures again! I had no success with my newer camera a canon sureshot 4 pixels,had to go back to my first digital camera a kodak easyshare,2 pixels,after putting in batteries and memory card it worked a dream.Old friends are best!

Emergency Funds!

Found me a new little toy! This was on sale in my local Super Valu recently,its a digital coin jar! You put your money in and its counted as it drops in, how cool is that!!The thing is i find i am hoovering up loose change from everyone so that i can add to my stash!We usually throw loose coins into a bowl but i am only putting 10,20 and 50cent coins into this as it will be easier for bagging them up when the jar is full and i fully intend to fill it to the top before i raid it!
Anyway the million dollar question is how much do you think is in the jar now and how much will be in it when its full? I meant to post the first picture last but forgot about the sequence photos come up on the blog!
The jar cost 14.99 but i think its worth it!Also batteries had to be installed,I will let you know the final tally!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Hidden Jem (for Lady GaGa)!

Below are photos of a hidden gem of a restuarant in the village of Glounthaune in Co.Cork.Just before you pass the Sacred Heart Church on the left there is a right opening down a narrow road and the restuarant is here. Its in a lovely spot, overlooking the water with tables and chairs for sitting outside and a nearby childrens playground too. There is a nationa school dating from 1901 which is very well kept as are the few surrounding houses.
Lady GaGa dined here when she played the Marquee in Cork City recently!
Her photos adorn the bar inside.
If you google the rising tide you can see these photos as well as other "personalities"
The food it has to be said is excellent and on a sunny day it is lovely here to sit and take in the scenery!

Looking Good

Below are a few of the plants currently looking good in my garden at the moment!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sadly my camera seems to refuse to connect to my computer at the moment so the blog will be devoid of pictures for a while until i get it fixed!Meanwhile enjoying the drop of light rain and intermittent sunshine!What a bummer summer!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

In August 2004 while on holiday in France we paid a much anticipated (by me!) visit to Monets house and gardens.As you can see from the following pics it was well worth the wait and visit!Everywhere was a riot of colour and the lily pond was stunning! we also visited inside the house and the view onto to the gardens was breathtaking.

Monets Garden Giverney France