Friday, July 24, 2009

Emergency Funds!

Found me a new little toy! This was on sale in my local Super Valu recently,its a digital coin jar! You put your money in and its counted as it drops in, how cool is that!!The thing is i find i am hoovering up loose change from everyone so that i can add to my stash!We usually throw loose coins into a bowl but i am only putting 10,20 and 50cent coins into this as it will be easier for bagging them up when the jar is full and i fully intend to fill it to the top before i raid it!
Anyway the million dollar question is how much do you think is in the jar now and how much will be in it when its full? I meant to post the first picture last but forgot about the sequence photos come up on the blog!
The jar cost 14.99 but i think its worth it!Also batteries had to be installed,I will let you know the final tally!

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