Thursday, April 21, 2011


Spotted these fields of yellow travelling through East Cork during the week,what a lovely sight! Rapeseed or maize I think!The sunshine is to last well into Easter weekend too so Happy Easter to all and make the most of the sun! Gardening will be a pleasure in these conditions though regular rest ups and refreshments may be the order of the day!

As far as the eye could see, a sea of yellow rapeseed/maize?

Two little piggies spotted out and about!
Somewhere to sit at last,our new garden furniture!
Clematis in flower now
New variety planted this year looks like brushstrokes on the inside!
Tulips with parrot in the title somewhere!

All green plants surrounding the little pond!
Candytuft up close and soooo white!
This azalea is fairly old but doing well in my front garden where it is a lovely splash of colour at the moment.

Wallflowers,considered old fashioned maybe,but I love their scent!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunshine and flowers!

A close up of my one and only Lily of the Valley plant,it is just starting to show its flowers now,its a much hardier plant than I thought it would be yet looks so delicate,I hope to get more of these from the free source of last year!

Forget me nots and hellebore enjoying the sun.
Sun blazing on the heucheras,poppies and the acer has reddened up lovely!
The latest addition to the garden,this lovely heuchera called after my favourite dessert,creme brulee,how could I resist!
Even though this was the 9th April,the sunshine brought these customers outdoors on a Sunday morning to enjoy their refreshments!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Final Fencing!

Last week the final part of the fence was installed enclosing the garden on all sides.No more hedgecutting which resulted in leaves strewn all over the gravel and the usual debris left around from same. I am now in the process of moving various plants to new positions and will purchase some new ones,must think tall though as I normally end up with low growing types.
Our various birds have returned to us to feed on the feeder hanging from the arch even though they have to perch on the fence now in full view of bigger birds!Loyal at least for the years of feeding and water!

The fence has become an extra place for hanging some travel souvenirs!This is one brought back from Majorca,Spain which just accomodates a single pansy!

Side and back of garden,lots of new space along the sides for some new planting,edgeing logs and new gravel yet to come.The sambuca black lace standing alone on the left was moved here when the fence was installed as it is getting to tall for its old space,maybe some "red hot pokers"will join it before long to "heat" the place up for the summer months.
The latest and final part of the fence installed!Various plants are being moved around at the moment,namely primroses and azaleas to give them more space.
Monkshood,Day Lillies,hosta,and an azalea which I have sinced moved as it was getting squashed by the monkshood last year when it was in full bloom,the pond has to be drained and refilled yet.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mothers Day

Tomorrow,Sunday,in Ireland Mothers Day will be celebrated!
Most people will be saying it with flowers if the dwindling stocks in my local supermarkets today are anything to go by.
I am looking forward to lunch in a local restuarant!
So to all Mothers out there enjoy your day ,make the most of it because come Monday things will revert to "normal service"!