Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Final Fencing!

Last week the final part of the fence was installed enclosing the garden on all sides.No more hedgecutting which resulted in leaves strewn all over the gravel and the usual debris left around from same. I am now in the process of moving various plants to new positions and will purchase some new ones,must think tall though as I normally end up with low growing types.
Our various birds have returned to us to feed on the feeder hanging from the arch even though they have to perch on the fence now in full view of bigger birds!Loyal at least for the years of feeding and water!

The fence has become an extra place for hanging some travel souvenirs!This is one brought back from Majorca,Spain which just accomodates a single pansy!

Side and back of garden,lots of new space along the sides for some new planting,edgeing logs and new gravel yet to come.The sambuca black lace standing alone on the left was moved here when the fence was installed as it is getting to tall for its old space,maybe some "red hot pokers"will join it before long to "heat" the place up for the summer months.
The latest and final part of the fence installed!Various plants are being moved around at the moment,namely primroses and azaleas to give them more space.
Monkshood,Day Lillies,hosta,and an azalea which I have sinced moved as it was getting squashed by the monkshood last year when it was in full bloom,the pond has to be drained and refilled yet.


  1. Looks as if you had a visit from the Groundforce team!Lots of new space to play around with now.

  2. Hi Kathleen

    Thank you for stopping by at http://christmas-believe.blogspot.com/ and leacving a comment. I am now yor newwest follower :)

    I love gardening too when I find the time and have been working on changing my gharden over the last 4 years but never blogged about it, this is a good idea for a post.

    Hope you are having a nice week & please feel free to "stop by" again sometime,


  3. Hi Kathleen

    Thanks for stopping by at http://christmas-believe.blogspot.com/ & leaving a comment.

    I am now your newest follower. I love gardening & have been trying to transform my garden over the last 4 years but never thought to blog about it.

    Hope you are having a nice week & please feel free to "stop by" sometimes,


  4. Good luck with your lovely garden Kathleen - it looks stunning, and the fence is great as a backdrop and you can decorate it with baskets etc. I am looking out at our wilderness now - the perennials are looking a bit lost in the middle of a lot of empty space!
    PS thanks for comment on Livia - what a pet she is! Delighted with her. Jany still crocheting away - had made loads of caps for the neonatal unit and it was ironic then that Livia ended up there. Heard you met her!

  5. Catherine,yes I met Jany and your son and grand-daughter,her crochet is special,I have some new babies to be to order for,and thankfully it will be a while yet so she will be recovered and able to crochet some more,she is gifted!
    Peggy,Groundforce,wishful thinking,maybe it looks better on the computer!
    Lily,thanks for your comments I will follow your blog love Christmas based blogs!

  6. Your garden is gorgeous. I love how you have colour co-ordinated all the blue pots - beautiful!
    And I just love arches too. What do you plan to grow over that? Great job!


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