Thursday, April 21, 2011


Spotted these fields of yellow travelling through East Cork during the week,what a lovely sight! Rapeseed or maize I think!The sunshine is to last well into Easter weekend too so Happy Easter to all and make the most of the sun! Gardening will be a pleasure in these conditions though regular rest ups and refreshments may be the order of the day!

As far as the eye could see, a sea of yellow rapeseed/maize?

Two little piggies spotted out and about!
Somewhere to sit at last,our new garden furniture!
Clematis in flower now
New variety planted this year looks like brushstrokes on the inside!
Tulips with parrot in the title somewhere!

All green plants surrounding the little pond!
Candytuft up close and soooo white!
This azalea is fairly old but doing well in my front garden where it is a lovely splash of colour at the moment.

Wallflowers,considered old fashioned maybe,but I love their scent!


  1. very pretty, the first tulip. What are the blue balls?

  2. Definitely Rapeseed, it is everywhere here. The fields glow yellow!
    What amazing tulips!

  3. Hi Megan,the blue balls are just ceramic type decorative ornaments for the garden,they were very popular in garden design a few years ago!
    Hi Elizabeth,I thought the sunflowers would be providing the colour in France though I guess its a bit early!

  4. That is rape seed, maize is like giant sweet corn plants!The tulips are fantastic colours and I still love wall flowers, always intend to plant some when I see them in bloom and then forget about them again!

  5. Peggy,I used be doing the same but got around to planting them eventually!Got myself a pot of Sweet William in Crosshaven last week and have them planted now too,retro all the way!

  6. The garden is looking pretty and I like your new furniture.
    Rapeseed, it's everywhere here too. A genetically modified crop which will increase as rapeseed oil is the best and healthiest culinary oil and also one of the most expensive. I think it can be used in car oil too.

  7. Sorry, I did not answer. Yes I have set aside tomorrow to watch the wedding and bought ready made meals from M & S.


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