Monday, April 26, 2010

Gifts in the Post!

This morning I got a lovely surprise in the post, a blogger I follow Charlotte who lives in South Carolina,USA, very kindly presented all her followers with a gift ! Mine arrived in the post today, and this is it, a beautifully worked crochet placemat,and a lovely note all done by Charlotte herself!It was so kind of her to post it to me on this side of the atlantic, her blog can be found at again Charlotte! I am sure it was no accident I got a green one!
A lovely card to complement the gift!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Garden

I know Easter has passed so my post is a little late on the subject but I thought this Easter garden displayed in the Holy Trinity Church in Cork city centre was worth a look see!
The garden was complete with various miniature figures,some little animals and lovely greenery.The tomb area featured a waterfall and was lit up and drew crowds to admire it during Holy Week.

The Easter garden featured the symbol of the empty tomb,you can see the loincloth on the rocks and the white area is lit up showing an empty space inside.

This little take on the eight beatitudes was printed on the back of a notelet entitled The Capuchin, which was left on the seats during the Easter masses,
Beatitudes of the Elderley
Blessed are they who understand my faltering step and shaking hand.
Blessed are they who know my ears today must strain to catch the things they say.
Blessed are they who seem to know my eyes are dim and my mind slow.
Blessed are they with a cheery smile who stopped to chat for a little while.
Blessed are they who never say you!ve told that story twice today.
Blessed are they who make it know that I !m loved,respected and not alone.
And blessed are they who ease the days of my journey home, in loving ways.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Colour and flowers at last!

Stunning aubretia,in full colour,this was only planted last year and has come back just as good as new! The few I planted on the other side are very straggly but not giving up yet! In the background polyanthus,japanese anenomes,and the green shoots of crocosmia.The full green tuft in the foreground is my late Mothers plant which is covered in purple flowers come late April,its name has escaped at the moment(senior moment)!
A new rose arch had to be installed when our old one blew down in recent storms in January. This one has no seat but hopefully my rescued clematis will cover it in quick time! The area behind the arch is a work in progress since the new fencing was installed, gravel and extra plantings coming up!
My heathers against the front wall are in bloom,I had to infill with new purchases this year as I did not get enough last year,low maintenance ,colorful and long lasting!
My expensive! purchase from Lidl last year, a 7.99 flowering cherry tree! This year it is in full bloom and looking lovely, its small in height but eyecatching!
Bought these little cheery pots on our recent trip to Tramore,found them in a garage shop! Could not resist of course,I must find something nice to plant in them outside for the summer!