Friday, April 9, 2010

Colour and flowers at last!

Stunning aubretia,in full colour,this was only planted last year and has come back just as good as new! The few I planted on the other side are very straggly but not giving up yet! In the background polyanthus,japanese anenomes,and the green shoots of crocosmia.The full green tuft in the foreground is my late Mothers plant which is covered in purple flowers come late April,its name has escaped at the moment(senior moment)!
A new rose arch had to be installed when our old one blew down in recent storms in January. This one has no seat but hopefully my rescued clematis will cover it in quick time! The area behind the arch is a work in progress since the new fencing was installed, gravel and extra plantings coming up!
My heathers against the front wall are in bloom,I had to infill with new purchases this year as I did not get enough last year,low maintenance ,colorful and long lasting!
My expensive! purchase from Lidl last year, a 7.99 flowering cherry tree! This year it is in full bloom and looking lovely, its small in height but eyecatching!
Bought these little cheery pots on our recent trip to Tramore,found them in a garage shop! Could not resist of course,I must find something nice to plant in them outside for the summer!


  1. I have some of the purple plant also and I cannot think of the name either!Aisling has it in the front of the house as well another slip from it.The back is looking great with the fencing all around now, heres to low maintenance everything !

  2. Peggy, I had a junior moment this evening! I think its called LOBELIA!

  3. Can't wait till that cherry tree gets all big and gorgeous!


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