Monday, February 27, 2012

Fashion and Flowers!

A close up of my camellia,looks stunning at the moment and a welcome splash of colour in the garden for spring.
Tete a Tete!
My camellia flowering away even though the bottom of the plant is devoid of greenery!
Modelling my two scarves ordered from Catherine from A talented lady,she runs up these scarves at the speed of light it seems! All colours and yarns available and I am sure she would love to fill an order for anyone interested!
And scarf no.2!
Happy Gardening!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Bit of Blarney!

Last Sunday evening I paid a visit to Blarney Castle to see the snowdrops in bloom!As it was late evening I was a bit too late to justify an admission charge for the sake of half an hour so I relied on a free peek through the gates leading into the snowdrop laden avenue! Maybe I will get there earlier another time !

Some hellebores in the foreground too!

Daffodills and snowdrops.
The locked gates through which the drifts of snowdrops can be spied for free!
The avenue going into the castle grounds with clumps of snowdrops on each side.
The silhouette of Blarney Castle can be seen through the trees as the sun was going down.
A welcome coffee and muffin in Mackeys cafe afterwards!
Finally,spotted this great sign in the nearby Blarney Woolen Mills shop!
Happy Gardening!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guerrilla Gardener!

Read this lovely story on the paper this morning,christened the guerrilla gardener ,this australian born guy is filling potholes all over the east end of London with little mini gardens complete with props which include,deck chairs,picnic blankets,golf clubs etc.!He uses is subversive gardens to alert city officials to the danger posed to cyclists when they ride over the potholes!The following pictures show just how artistic and creative he is though I am thinking how long does his work last before the next bike or car rides roughshot over it! He would be a busy gardener if he were to come my fair city of Cork!