Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn flowers

This lovely Clematis is now flowering,I do not know the variety,but bought and planted it last year.Unfortunately it suffered from clematis wilt and I dug away the majority of the plant but left what looked like a healthy part which was growing vigourously.Lots of buds and now a lovely flower later it too seems to be wilting!I will wait until the flowers are gone and then dig it up.Not planting deep enough is the cause of this and though the plant took off up the arch like wildfire its all been for nothing!I do have another one on the other side though that is looking great and no wilt signs.
Shame about the wilt showing on some of these leaves when its adorned with such a whopper of a flower and more buds to come.

My "Christmas Cactus" is in bud already!I know I should probably have it brought indoors by now but its budding and in the very front a fine fat bud can be seen.I will bring them in next week before temps.drop dramatically and give them some TLC.

I let these japanese anenomes seed where ever they grow,these are not as tall as the originals but look well !
My cordylines all 4 growing again after being decimated by last winters snow!Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A sure sign Autumn is here when the acer is turning this stunning shade!
The birds have returned to the feeders despite the last section of hedge having been removed during the Summer.The clematis montana has only been planted this year so it will be their new hiding place when it thickens up.If you click on the photo to enlarge you can spot three little birds waiting in line to feed!
In other news I won a gardening competition for the second time with this local publication!A winning photo of your flowers or garden is chosen each week during the summer and the prize is a voucher for 50euros for a garden centre.This was the last week for the competition and I was stunned to win again!
My prize winning Stargazer Lily!
My second time winning in this competition!
The prize........50euros to spend at the local garden centre!Happy Gardening!