Friday, August 26, 2011


A bit of everything in this post today! Never getting tired of the view from my kitchen window!Pink and white japanese anenomes and the red crocosmia hiding the fence behind!
Gatherine vases of sweet pea almost non stop since early summer! Certainly got my moneys worth here all 3.50 euros !If I secure the same supplier next year will buy more plants!
Found these self seeded pansies growing at the base of a hibiscus plant recently,they are great for showing up all over the garden and providing some cheer in odd places!
These sunflowers have outgrown the fence!My neighbour has her kitchen window looking out on them so she is enjoying the view!
The lack of sunshine did not deter these beauties from flowering all summer,bonfire begonias.
And finally.............birthday flowers for my August birthday from a friend who is a florist!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Not a gardening post!

Getting away from the garden today we drove to west Cork and visited Gougane Barra,onwards to Ballylickey to the Ouvane Falls for refreshments and revisited the lovely campsite of Eagle Point nearby where we holidayed many moons ago with two young children in tow!Weather was dry with patchy sunshine and we picked up two young girls who were hitchhiking to Clonakilty,they were English but living here for some years and declared they love Ireland,dodgy weather and all!
The picturesque church at Gougane Barra,

Looking across the lake from the church
Candles glowing inside
Inside the little church looking out.
The weir at the Ouvane Falls
Beautiful views over the bay at the rear of the Ouvane Falls

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Greetings from a dull and rain sodden garden here in Cork!Its raining "cats and dogs" at the moment,though the whole summer has been a washout,little in the way of sunshine,but us gardeners look on the bright side(usually through the kitchen window as its too wet outside!).
Not a day for the patio and chimenea!
My sweet pea have outgrown the obelisk! They are giving me lots of cut flowers for the house and the scent is heady,trying to get them to keep growing upwards! The daisies are in full bloom ,will have to divide them though next year!
Crocosmia doing well in the rain!

Not so sunny sunflowers!Just had to stake them up more this morning as they were bowing down gracefully with the wind and rain.Lost a total of 7 branches which were ready to flower too!
Today I am linking up with for fertilizer friday!