Saturday, August 13, 2011

Not a gardening post!

Getting away from the garden today we drove to west Cork and visited Gougane Barra,onwards to Ballylickey to the Ouvane Falls for refreshments and revisited the lovely campsite of Eagle Point nearby where we holidayed many moons ago with two young children in tow!Weather was dry with patchy sunshine and we picked up two young girls who were hitchhiking to Clonakilty,they were English but living here for some years and declared they love Ireland,dodgy weather and all!
The picturesque church at Gougane Barra,

Looking across the lake from the church
Candles glowing inside
Inside the little church looking out.
The weir at the Ouvane Falls
Beautiful views over the bay at the rear of the Ouvane Falls


  1. How pretty, what an interesting place. I especially like the photo you took from the inside looking out. Well done.

  2. Thanks Diane!I do my best with my little digital camera!

  3. How beautiful! That place looks so peaceful and relaxing. The kind of place I would love to escape to for a little vacation.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a lovely day.

  4. I love Gougane, it never changes. I am surprised they still have candles, there was a fire there a couple of years ago!The Ouvane falls was on a programme by the Brennan brothers last year who were revamping it.
    Peggy My Google account is acting up again!

  5. Very picturesque and with typical Irish weather.


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