Friday, August 26, 2011


A bit of everything in this post today! Never getting tired of the view from my kitchen window!Pink and white japanese anenomes and the red crocosmia hiding the fence behind!
Gatherine vases of sweet pea almost non stop since early summer! Certainly got my moneys worth here all 3.50 euros !If I secure the same supplier next year will buy more plants!
Found these self seeded pansies growing at the base of a hibiscus plant recently,they are great for showing up all over the garden and providing some cheer in odd places!
These sunflowers have outgrown the fence!My neighbour has her kitchen window looking out on them so she is enjoying the view!
The lack of sunshine did not deter these beauties from flowering all summer,bonfire begonias.
And finally.............birthday flowers for my August birthday from a friend who is a florist!


  1. What beautiful colours you have in the garden right now. I didnt grow any sweet peas this year as they were such a disappointment last year, so it was lovely to see yours.

  2. How pretty the view from your kitchen window.

    Yes we do walk a lot but am finding I tire quicker these days and want to stay back at the house in the evenings whereas we used to be off again until dark.


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