Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Greetings from a dull and rain sodden garden here in Cork!Its raining "cats and dogs" at the moment,though the whole summer has been a washout,little in the way of sunshine,but us gardeners look on the bright side(usually through the kitchen window as its too wet outside!).
Not a day for the patio and chimenea!
My sweet pea have outgrown the obelisk! They are giving me lots of cut flowers for the house and the scent is heady,trying to get them to keep growing upwards! The daisies are in full bloom ,will have to divide them though next year!
Crocosmia doing well in the rain!

Not so sunny sunflowers!Just had to stake them up more this morning as they were bowing down gracefully with the wind and rain.Lost a total of 7 branches which were ready to flower too!
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  1. What a lovely garden, I guess we will be getting that rain tomorrow. It's been incredibly dry & everything in my garden has died. The daisies and sweet peas look lovely. Hope it brightens up for you soon :)

  2. My crocosimias don't have to worry about the rain this year, the hens got to them first!Through the window is about the only way to see the garden today, has the chiminea been used yet?!

  3. Peggy,yes I have used the Chimenea a few times,its great!It takes a lot of fuel though you have to be careful not to get carried away with the blaze!
    Lily,gardeners must have equal quantities of both,sun and rain,if only we could control it!

  4. I'm sorry I've gotten a little behind in my commenting. Hopefully you have some sun by now! Too bad about those sunflowers!

  5. Don't sunflowers make a great show. My grandson won a competition in school for growing the tallest. 18ft. !!


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