Friday, May 23, 2014

More Pictures!

The lush greenery around the pond area is coming along nicely,what with regular showers and nice sunny days ! Host as,day lilies and monkshood.

Love this sca
rlet red azalea!

I have two of these clematis Montana,they were fantastic this year! Creating two beautiful arches at each side of the garden,a daily pleasure to see!

Dont know the variety of this hosta,but it is one I've had for years and divided into 4 a while back,the diameter of the leaves is very wide,a great looker!

This is just one plant of a beech hedge I bought years ago,not realizing it's mainly used as hedging,so I keep it trimmed and this year it looks lovely,very tall and elegant among the greenery,a lovely deep bronze colour!
Happy Gardening!