Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Smokey Summer!

Summer sunshine and heat is very intermittent at the moment but the garden flowers look so much better when the sun does shine so a quick tour of the patch this morning!
Monkshood and two sunflowers behind!
Day lillies
Close up of Stargazer Lily
Stargazer Lily in full bloom

Patio rose and begonia bonfire
These pansies have been going since May and have endured wind,rain,sleet and drought!
Frank Headley geranium
Smokey Joe! The latest addition to the garden,a chimenea,we do not have an open fire inside the house so at least we can have one outside!At the moment its in the "curing" stage where it has to lit at least 3 times with one log and left to die out and cool down before really setting a decent fire in it.I may have to rethink its position though as the neighbours may be getting a little too much smoke!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Garden

Begonia "bonfire" this variety is lovely in a hanging basket too!

Day lillies ,Monkshood and hostas
Sunflowers growing taller by the day!

Patio rose
Fushia recovered after the snow and frost this year just starting to flower now
Patio rose
Frank Headley geranium,I bought two plants this year as the previous one I had for years finally gave up!
Purple spires of Monkshood
Lilies starting to open up
My first jug of sweet pea this year,intoxicating!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blooming Marvellous!

Today I attended my third Bloom festival in Phoenix Park in Dublin with sister Peggy,www.bloominthepark.com Below a selection of photos which really do not do justice to such a great show! The various areas are divided into indoor retail/grand pavilion,outdoor retail/artisan food market/floral marquee/craft area which accounts for 246 stands,plus the catering side of things which includes best in season market/bloom inn/field to fork market/love irish food/and artisan caterers which accounts for 47 stands and it gives an idea of the scale of the whole enterprise!We enjoyed glorious weather,though our native city of Cork was hotter! We travelled by train leaving Cork at 9.30am and arriving at 12.25pm in Dublin,courtesy bus to Bloom got us there by 12.45 and off we went!Very enjoyable,I have been to Chelsea Flower Show on three occasions and while it is spectacular Bloom is fast catching up! We enjoyed strawberries and cream,a hot lunch,and cold beverages during our visit and next year we have decided to make an overnight of it to get more out of it or at least get the red eye up!!

Lovely Lilies!

Take a seat and relax!

Nissan Leaf the latest launch of an electric car who kindly choose me as a winner of free tickets to the show in an online competition..........thank you kindly!

Calla Lillies
Gypsophila "pouring " out of a milk churn!
Fingal County Council Heritage Properties
Fingal County Council Heritage Properties
See next post below!
Fingal County Council Heritage Properties,beautiful setting,old garden tools on display added to the old cottage feel!

The intrepid photographer at work (my sister)!
Colourful to say the least!
Loubutain at the show?

The Barbershop singers who brightened up the day with their lovely singing at impromtu stops around the venue!
All dressed up for the festival!

Alice in Wonderland Sanctuary Garden
Alice in Wonderland Sanctuary Garden
Alice in Wonderland Sanctuary Garden

The Alice in Wonderland Sanctuary Garden
Winning show garden at Bloom,criteria was a party garden using recycled materials.