Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Garden

Begonia "bonfire" this variety is lovely in a hanging basket too!

Day lillies ,Monkshood and hostas
Sunflowers growing taller by the day!

Patio rose
Fushia recovered after the snow and frost this year just starting to flower now
Patio rose
Frank Headley geranium,I bought two plants this year as the previous one I had for years finally gave up!
Purple spires of Monkshood
Lilies starting to open up
My first jug of sweet pea this year,intoxicating!


  1. Lots going on in the garden. Love the red roses in the blue pot. I love those blue pots, have some myself.

  2. Very nice photos. Those monkshood are really lovely! They are one of my favs here. They last longer than the delphiniums.

    Tell me what you do with those patio roses in the winter? Can they just stay in those pots?

  3. Hi Barbara,I love my blue pots too!
    Diane,I leave those patio roses out all year and start spraying for blackspot and mildew in early spring,I find it encourages lots of green leaves around the roses themselves.I have them both a good few years now so far so good!

  4. Thanks Kathleen. We can't do that here, because of the cold, but I have had success leaving a daylily, from a pot, in the composter over the winter. I wonder if it would work with a rose.

  5. You have sweet peas out in bloom already?!Ours are out on the plot and have come to a stand still at about 5 ins tall!


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