Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Smokey Summer!

Summer sunshine and heat is very intermittent at the moment but the garden flowers look so much better when the sun does shine so a quick tour of the patch this morning!
Monkshood and two sunflowers behind!
Day lillies
Close up of Stargazer Lily
Stargazer Lily in full bloom

Patio rose and begonia bonfire
These pansies have been going since May and have endured wind,rain,sleet and drought!
Frank Headley geranium
Smokey Joe! The latest addition to the garden,a chimenea,we do not have an open fire inside the house so at least we can have one outside!At the moment its in the "curing" stage where it has to lit at least 3 times with one log and left to die out and cool down before really setting a decent fire in it.I may have to rethink its position though as the neighbours may be getting a little too much smoke!


  1. My, everything looks wonderful in your garden. Your monkshood looks a little different than mine, I think it might be a darker colour. Wonderful with the sunflowers behind.

    How do you keep your pansies from getting all 'leggy'? Mine always look wonderful at the beginning of the season, but now...not so good!

  2. The chiminea looks fab, evenings on the patio with the vino to look forward to.All the flowers look gorgeous, easy knowing you have no hens to worry about! I bet you are gone off the idea after seeing what they can get up to!!

  3. Hi Kathleen, Enjoyed your FF post and how true it is. I enjoyed seeing your flowers too. Ireland is such a beautiful place and I truly enjoyed my travels there in 2001.
    Blessings, Beth

  4. You'll enjoy having the chimenea! It's so nice to sit around a fire in the evenings.


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