Monday, May 9, 2011

Garden Gems!

Hostas never fail to please! I do not know the individual varieties,but the dark green one has been divided this year and from one enormous plant I now have four!The two tone one is more attractive though I think!
Hostas and geranium
This fiery red azalea is providing the "eye candy" in the garden at the moment,never fails to impress,even after being moved this year at a late date from its usual position.

My clematis,where there is a birds nest at the moment,acer in the foreground,crocosmia on the right and a beech plant towering over it.


  1. Lovely to see what is flowering in your part of the world. Like you, we had a nest in our Clematis montana last year.My azaleas have not done well at all.

  2. The Acer is always a show stopper, Maura has one about 6 ft high. I cut it all back last year after the snow and frost and it just took off.My Hosta is up and I did'nt divide it,I suppose it is too late to even think of doing it now?!

  3. The Azalia is beautiful.I used to have a good mixture of Hostas but in the end I got tired of dealing with the slugs. So no longer.

  4. Thanks for returning my comment! I didn't realize you were in Cork, Ireland. It's lovely to have blogging contacts from Ireland and England - you seem to have great gardening weather. Your flowers are really lovely.

    Cheers from Canada.


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