Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Aftermath!

Well the excitement has not died down yet!After a very successful tour of Cork yesterday during which the sun shone for the Queens visit,I took my own tour of the English Market this morning.
I had to wait for about 20mins such was the crowd waiting for breakfast at the Farmgate cafe upstairs at 9.20am! The staff were stretched to the limit,at one stage the fire alarm went off for a short while(nobody moved) I think the toaster was overheating or overworked! The market itself was so busy with tourists and locals,there was a real feel good factor going on with customers and stall holders,the same topic was being discussed everywhere,what was she like,what did she say to you etc.etc.! Everyone was in great form,no talk of the damp misty weather outside for once.I think everyone came with a camera today to snap the plaque that the Queen unveiled,all in all a very positive visit!

The plaque which the Queen unveiled yesterday with my reflection on it!
The colourful display in the fountain.
This guy made all the front pages of the papers today as he had a fairly long chat with the Queen yesterday,telling her he hadnt been this nervous since his wedding day 30yrs.ago!
He also was quoted on the paper today saying how proud his late Mother would have been to see the Queen at the market!

A hundred thousand welcomes for the Queen (in Gaelic)!

A cake depicting the Cork coat of arms at the Farmgate cafe.

Upstairs at the Farmgate cafe
Ducks and pheasant hanging on view,Prince Philip enquired as to how the heads were allowed to stay on!
Homemade apple tart complete with cloves(like my late Mother used to make) available at the Farmgate cafe,delicious!
Artichokes adorning the top of the market fountain!


  1. What an occasion! We watched it on the news, and thought how relaxed she looked. Such an interesting place to visit.

  2. You got some great pics of the market all dickied up! I will have to make an effort to get into town to see it soon.


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