Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunshine and flowers!

A close up of my one and only Lily of the Valley plant,it is just starting to show its flowers now,its a much hardier plant than I thought it would be yet looks so delicate,I hope to get more of these from the free source of last year!

Forget me nots and hellebore enjoying the sun.
Sun blazing on the heucheras,poppies and the acer has reddened up lovely!
The latest addition to the garden,this lovely heuchera called after my favourite dessert,creme brulee,how could I resist!
Even though this was the 9th April,the sunshine brought these customers outdoors on a Sunday morning to enjoy their refreshments!


  1. How funny that we should both post about Lily of the Valley today!
    Your Heuchera is gorgeous. I have a deep red one opening at the moment, catching the sun.

  2. You have so much beautiful color in your garden!! I've been seeing so many pretty flowers on the blogs. I usually do a few small containers of flowers for our deck but I haven't done anything yet this year.
    I always enjoy your photos!

  3. Lily of the valley takes about 2 to 3 years to settle in then starts spreading (courtesy of garden news)!


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