Friday, July 3, 2009

summer garden

greetings from a novice blogger! i have just decided to join the blogging community! i have spent far too many hours reading other peoples very interesting blogs on gardening,travel,family and hobbies of all kinds so now i am taking the plunge myself. hopefully i will be able to upload some photos to break up the text eventually and add some colour but for now getting this far is an achievement in itself so here goes.

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  1. Sorry to be late for the grand opening of your blog but I'm just discovering it and have popped over from Chicago for a visit.

    I couldn't find an "About me " section but have managed to discover your first post.

    Welcome to the wide, wonderful world of garden bloggers.

    I'm a Southern gal of Irish descent. My first ancestor from Ireland landed in the South in the 1700's and was a soldier of the American revolution. His grave is marked by the DAR ( Daughters of the American Revolution ) , a high honor.

    I visited Ireland in 1989 with my 2 sisters and we enjoyed your fair land immensely. Now I have even more reason to return as my daughter married a man from Cork and his parents are still there. In fact they will visit Cork for Christmas with our first grandchild.

    This last Spring we had 50 garden bloggers from across the USA visit Chicago and my garden was on their tour. It was so much fun getting to know the people behind the blogs.

    I will enjoy visiting your garden now through your posts. Y'all come on over for a visit as well.


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