Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flower Towers

 Drive by photography! Took this picture while driving into town the other day.These towers of flowers,all petunias,were brought out by the good people in City Hall who are responsible for our parks and gardens looking good in the city.They pulled out all the stops last year for Queen Elizabeths visit which was a great  success. The towers are placed all over town and are looking fantastic in spite of the lack of sunshine!
 Another drive by photo!

 Outside City Hall

 A city centre florist displaying their wares on a bicycle!
 A rare sunny day in Aghada,a local town which is kept pristine and with lovely views towards Cobh.

Not the french riviera!!


  1. These are very beautiful pictures. I like purple flowers so much. Also you live very beautiful place.. All best wishes..:))

    1. Thanks for your comments,everywhere looks better when the sun shines!

  2. Hello from North Carolina! What lovely pics of Cork, hometown of my Son-in-law whose parents still live there. I've been to Cork just once but when my little Irish lassie Lea who's to be 4 soon gets a little older I plan to come and stay for a month or two so that she can learn to appreciate her heritage.

    1. Hi and thanks for following the blog sporadic though it is!Never been to the States,too long a plane trip,though the world gets smaller everyday!

  3. Interesting as I sailed into the port of Cobh in 1960. All very pretty. Drive by flowers that's a good description.

  4. Its' amazing how sooo many people either do not have any pictures at all in their listings or have pictures of dubious quality. And then they wonder why they get no inquires...

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