Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bits and Bobs

 My solitary hanging basket out front with trailing begonia and nepeta,coming on slowly as the weather warms up a little.
 Orchid Primrose,bought two of these plants after seeing them at Bloom festival and they have flowered non stop since.Must get more next year as I have failed to find further plants in the usual outlets.
 Trailing Begonia,I love the salmon colour with the terracotta pot!
 Orchid Primrose 2nd plant!
 Stakis Daisy,almost as tall as myself and it spread out far and wide this summer,will have to cut back hard or remove altogether next year!
 Japanese Anenomes pink and white!


  1. Trailing Begonia , such good value in the Summer. They just seem to go on and on, giing colour and pleasure.

  2. Hopefully the sunshine?! will arrive and stay for a few days at lea

  3. What pretty plants! My daisies need to be cut back, they've bloomed and now look sad. Yours still look fresh.

  4. Nice to see everything coming into flower.


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