Friday, October 15, 2010

Fertiliser Friday is hosted by Tootsie Time and here are my offerings from my garden!Autumn(fall) is well and truly here though the frosts have yet to come and do damage !

Cyclamen planted recently.
Kaffir lilies!
Campanula flowering on and off!
Begonias,red on the left,pink begonias in the blue wheelbarrow,a fuschia plant in front brought from my late parents garden and behind it another fuschia given t0 me by a friend,you can also see the branches of sambuca black lace overhanging on the right of the picture.
Pansies ,a bit straggly but still with pretty faces!
These have flowered on and off all summer,Marguerites I think they are called!


  1. Hello Kathleen, your begonias and cyclamen are very, very pretty. Such a wonderful colors and I love the pattern in the leaves too. Lovely pink Kaffir lily, everything looks so healthy and happy!

  2. So pretty! Love your Kaffir lilies!

  3. the are all so very pretty!!! I so love pansy...they make me think of spectators in a show...and they seem to last forever! thanks for linking in this is wonderful to click around and find spring and summer when here it is threatening to snow!

  4. Lots of colour still going on in the garden. campanulla does not know if it is coming or going this year!

  5. Cyclamen look great against the white wall and in the blue pot. Great contrast.


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