Monday, October 11, 2010

Walking in the sunshine!

Today dawned sunny with a cloudless blue sky so I took myself off to Crosshaven to walk the old railway line from Carrigaline to the village of Crosshaven.You can pick and choose the length of your walk along the waterside with its myriad of boats/yachts nestling in the harbour on one side and a busy traffic route on the other but quite safe for walkers/skateboarders/cyclists/fun/fitness walkers all whom I encountered on my walk today.
The ideal stopoff for that cup of coffee after your walk of course!
The pathway!
These signs are placed at each Km.along the walk to measure your distance(fitness)!

Seats to rest on after your walk!

Lovely blue lace cap hydrangeas overlooking the harbour.

St.Tropez in Cork!

The sun was too bright here,the sign says that Crosshaven is twinned with Pleumeur-Bodou in Brittany,France!


  1. What an absolutely beautiful place to walk! Your pictures were wonderful. That path is perfect...we need more of those in my area.

  2. I'm interested that Crosshaven is twinned with a town in our region, though I'm not really sure where it is!

  3. That looks fab, I have not been down that road for yonks! The old crosshaven flea market is now a cafe?! The first photos of the yachts are not the harbour but Drake's Pool where Francis Drake sheltered and gave the Spanish or French fleet the slip as they were unaware the british fleet could sail up so far.There used to be one of those info palques there somewhere along the waters edge.
    I will have to take a spin down to explore Crosser again!

  4. Enjoyed my walk with you. The sun was glorious.
    Not when we docked their b y ship in 1960 though, we first had to shelter from a storm before being able to negotiate the harbour.


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