Thursday, September 2, 2010

More garden pictures!

A few more photos the gardens at Villa Rothschild,not as fantastic as the french garden in my previous post but lovely to wander through all the same.I guess it depends on whats doing best at any time!

Temple of Love and waterfall at the Villa


  1. Welcome back, I saw the photos on FB they all look great.The weather was beautiful for wandering around gardens.How was the B&B ?!

  2. Peggy, the B&B was fine for the price we paid,lets just say you would not want to be a clean freak!The room and ensuite looked out on the backs of apartments but was fine.Breakfast could be had on a small terrace all served by the landlady which took a bit of time!We got juices,cereal,fresh fruit (even figs),tea/coffee and a platter of various breads!Cheese,ham and yougurts were also offered and you had the use of a large fridge to store your foodstuffs or wine!It was a bus ride away from the beach and was up the back of town but in a safe area!She even gave us another room on check out day to store luggage and shower before going to the airport that evening!More plusses than minus,s really!For 62euros per night for two of us not bad at all!


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