Monday, March 12, 2012

Road Trip

On a recent road trip to Co.Kilkenny we stopped off at Ring in Co.Waterford to see the graves of two of the world famous Clancy Brothers who are buried here beneath these Celtic Crosses.Liam Clancy was buried here just two years ago.

After a three hour drive from Cork city we arrived in the picturesque village of Inistioge in Co.Kilkenny,(we did stop for a light lunch in New Ross Co.Wexford)! Inistioge is famous for films which were made here,including Widows Peak 1993,Circle of Friends 1994,and Where the Sun is King,1996.
The above cafe takes its name from one as you see and was full both inside and out with people enjoying their lattes and cake! The nearby shop had the dvd of the film Circle of Friends on sale too which starred Minnie Driver and Chris ODonnell.

Signposts to all points east and west!
The lovely 10 arched 17th century bridge spanning the River Nore.
Lovely georgian doorway on this village home.
This brightly painted wall is the local restuarant facing the River,not yet opened for the season though!
Wall art on the side of the building!
Looking towards the main square.

Spotted this beautiful house in the village complete with tree rooted outside the front door and its branches spread like tendrils across the wall!I thought it reminded me of something you would see in rural France.The windows appear to be the old casement timber windows but are indeed PVC!
Drove up the long drive to see Woodstock House and Gardens which is near to the main square in Inistioge. As it was late in the day the gardens were only open until 4.30 at this time of the year so maybe a return visit during the summer is called for. There are tea rooms and various themed gardens to view though the house is just a shell after being burned to the ground by the IRA in 1922.Kilkenny County Council have renovated the gardens and grounds but the house is out of bounds to the public.
This is the view of the house when leaving the estate,maybe its the front facade!

On the journey home......................traffic lights of the Irish kind! Cattle crossing the road held us up for a few minutes,going to be milked presumably.
Happy Gardening!

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  1. Inistoige is absolutely beautiful, a summer visit is a must!


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