Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Garden

Forget me Not from last years planting,a lovely bolt of blue in the garden..........and a selection of more that are good for eye candy at the moment!
My little wild primrose from Co.Tipperary! I think my husband dug half of this up last year,glad to see some survived!
Acer looking ace right now! somewhere that they have done very well this year!
Hosta just filling out now....
Rhododendron looking swell!

Front garden view,forest flame,azalea and heather.
Happy Gardening!


  1. The front garden pic looks lovely, its at its best in Spring I think!

  2. So very pretty. You are far ahead of me! Everything looks so nice and neat. I really like the little garden wall in the last picture.


  3. I'm playing catch up with my fav blogs this morning. Your garden looks like it couldn't wait for spring. My one primrose didn't survive last year's drought, someday I'll get another one or two (maybe it died from loneliness?). Have a great week.


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