Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The French Collection!

Son John returned from a week in Paris and brought me back a coveted box of Laduree macarons!
I learned about these from a blog i visit called in which this lady who is an artist paints various watercolours of scenes in paris.She is obsessed with these macarons and paints them too in all their lovely colours. Her work is featured on
Anyway i gave john the address on the champs elyesses the easiest one to find and he did the job and took photos too.
According to wikipedia 15,000 of these macarons are sold daily in paris,and queues are a regular feature at the shops situated all over paris.The original shop was founded in 1862 and a branch is in Harrods and we are to get a concession shop in BTs in Dublin soon.
Anyway apart from the macarons the autumn colours looked lovely in his photos and a photo of my gifts (including the macarons) follows.
PS. They taste light and luscious!

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