Thursday, September 24, 2009

Single Solitary Sunflower!

Well at last my sunflower has burst forth! I thought i would never see its the first one i have grown from seed.I had others around the garden and one was blown over a while ago just as it was starting to form the flower bud!
Anyway this one was staked and supported with care so as to safeguard it and now its a beauty to behold, i just missed a lovely butterfly having a perusal around the flower when i went to take the first photo but it was gone by the time i pressed the button.
Matthew is pictured with the sunflower showing just how tall it is!


  1. The sunflower finally bloomed!It looks huge I suppose the Douglas Weekly will get a peek?I must say I prefer looking at that than Cliff! You got great photos you must have had great seats.

  2. peggy, the douglas weekly alas is no more it disappeared from the radar there weeks ago !we did have good seats for cliff but with the zoom on my camera i was able to appear closer than i was!


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