Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crafty Catherine!

My crafty daughter Catherine is preparing for the holiday season and these are the results of her labours!
The little silver pails and red boxes were ordered online from hobbycraft in the uk and she bought the embellishments in Vibes and Scribes in Cork and set to work!
These will take their place on the christmas tree when it goes up probably on the 1st Dec.!
I think she wants to fill the pails with mini gingerbread men or chocolate santas if i do not get around to baking the aforementioned item!
Her enthusiasm knows no bounds when it comes to decorating for christmas, if only it stretched to COOKING AND BAKING my life would be soooooo much easier!
As usual she proved she was ahead of the posse when i brought home a uk magazine called Good Homes and on page 14 were displayed the boxes and pails and she already had the mini christmas trees from a while back ordered from the same shop, all adorning a very well laid out christmas table!


  1. I hope that is a pic from last year of your front door?!The pails and boxes look unusual and seasonal.

  2. yes last years photo or even the year before maybe!

  3. Oh we were soooooo ahead of ye with the buckets and pails this year. Ok. Admittedly it was for filling them up with rainwater to flush down the loo or lugging them to the tanker to get water, and not for decorating. :)But we were still there first! They look fab though, very impressed!


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