Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Its beginning to look a lot like Springtime......................................or so the song should go!
Its after been a cold foggy early start to this morning but a bit brighter now though the clouds look like rain is on the way!Yesterday was the first day I thought I felt a little warmth in the day!These are a few of my spring flowers peeking through at last and some in full flower.Lots of work to be done in the little patch but not until it gets milder!

On another note for those who are struggling with our various vices during the Lenten season, here is an inspirational little ditty that may get you through!Click to enlarge to read! So far I have gotten through a christening party and have a 50th birthday party at the weekend all without a drop of Sauvignon in sight.............so far! My exceptions will be Mothers Day and of course Patricks Day!Cant let the country down!


  1. Your flowers are so pretty. It's a nice reminder that spring is around the corner :-)
    I'm doing OK on my Lenten resolution (so far)!

  2. You have lots of daffs, Not one out up here yet! The blue and yellow make a lovely contrast. I like the poem, you could have taken it out of the frame and scanned it.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. The flowers are beautiful. Spring is my favorite time of year. My son visited Ireland with his school band in 1999. My husaband & I were unable to go, but my son had a wonderful time and wants to go back. Keep in touch!

  4. Thanks for coming to visit and comment over at Sahn I Am! Heidi was one of my favorites when I was a girl I just loved it!

    You daffodils look great! Here in Texas, we have a hard time growing them, but they are my favorite. My gardening grandmother did some research and found a variety that will do ok without a real cold winter, and now I am a happy woman with daffodils in my yard telling me it's spring! Aren't they the most wonderful flower!?

  5. Nice to see some daffodils out. Mine still only about 3 inches high and no sign of buds yet.

    Well I played the video. Liked the punch in the eye best!!


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