Thursday, March 18, 2010

St.Patricks Day

Well another Patricks Day has come and gone! In Cork City a food festival was held on the Grand Parade to mark the event complete with traditional Irish music as well and was a welcome sight over the few days. The weather for once was obliging and the crowds were out in force. A few pics of the proceedings follows! Hope everyone enjoyed the day!
Pig on a spit!

Never too cold for ice cream!
All tastes catered for!
Even the iron railings turn into shamrocks on the day!!!!!

Traditional Irish music playing during the food festival
Advertising free tea at the food festival during the ST Patricks celebrations
A Cork Institution!

My "Green" outfit for St.Patricks Day!


  1. You got that taste of the day! i did'nt go in but it looks great in the photos,the market adds a whole new dimension to the parade and stretches it over a few days

  2. What's with the lady in RED?
    And even here in NY I never saw green ice cream cones, LOL!

  3. Hi Kathleen,
    The lady in red is advertising Barrys Tea, our local brand which is made here in Cork! The boxes which the tea bags come in have always been red so the lady is just carrying on that tradition!

  4. Hi Kathleen - Lovely post - I just went to the local parades in Cappoquin and Dungarvan and posted on them with some videoclips I made. They were very simple local parades with none of the glitz of the big city parades which seem very professional - my son and partner and baby Sofia went to the Cork one and had some nice photos too. Love the Barry's tea idea - I got a free cuppa in Dungarvan and Cappoquin gave out french onion soup and baguettes and cheese (twinned with french town). Your photos are lovely. Didn't Peggy do well to get into the finalist of the specialist blog awards? I'm chuffed as her nominator! I got to the shortlist for which I am very pleased! Hope you are keeping well.

  5. Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day. The day looked like a lot of fun!!

  6. Hi Kathleen,
    Came back to find out about the lady in red.
    I was talking to my sis tonight..she goes back every year as her husb is Irish born. Anyway I was trying explain the whole blog thing to her..and how I met some gals from Ireland. I think she thinks I am dreaming.She doesn't get it..
    Thanks so much for telling me about the Barry Tea gal..
    Come visit again..
    Southampton, NY

  7. Green ice-cream cones - how Irish is that!


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