Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Pictures

Here are a few photos of whats looking good at the moment on my patch,a little more sun would be lovely to warm things up,its been dry around here for a while and watering may have to commence soon!

My pride and joy each year,acer palmatum it is spreading out onto other plants now and is looking magnificent!
Tulips came on since last year,I think parrot is in the title!

Clematis Montana in flower up along its new home!
This beautiful bowl of colourful pansies was "rescued "from a cemetary bin! A lovely basket and this bowl caught my eye on leaving the cemetary after a visit and I had to bring them home with me for some TLC! The pansies were all green at the time a few weeks ago with just a few buds coming on and after a little watering and care they are flowering non stop!Thrown out too soon it seems.The basket had a heather growing and something next to it that looked dead so I planted the heather in my front garden with other heathers and emptied the basket, I will find a use for it soon I am sure!I told my husband its called "recycling " when he gave me a look coming out with my "finds"!
An unfurling hosta in my patch out back!
A pink cherry blossom,shedding its flowers.
This was taken in a nearby suburb,pink snow and pansies!

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