Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Sunshine

Last Sunday with temperatures promised in the mid to high twenties we set off to a little treasure of a spot about from our home and enjoyed these views! It is an area totally unspoilt with just a shop and a pub and a bird sanctuary nearby.There are picnic seats and tables where you can picnic and you can also bring along your sun loungers and place them on the grass and gaze out to sea ! The local beaches were thronged to capacity last Sunday owing to the meditteranean temperatures and traffic was a nightmare for some but here we nearly had the area to ourselves,granted no beach but look at the scenery! The area is in Aghada,Co.Cork.

A lovely home with lovely views!
Look at the blue of that sky!


  1. Aghada is beautiful, you even have palm trees to add the tropical touch!

  2. What a beautiful area, I love when everything is so green. You took some beautiful pictures!!

  3. How perfect! So much nicer than a crowded beach.

  4. It's absolutely beautiful! I can see why people want to go there!v I had heard that there was one part of Ireland that had tropical trees growing because of warm air coming in off the atlantic in this one spot.. and this must be it. :-)

  5. These photos are beautiful. At first it reminded me of my home in Wisconsin. Until I got to the palm trees...and the geese...and the stone wall. But close! Are you a vegetable gardener? Because I have a tomato question.

  6. Hi,Kathleen, I'm your letter swap partner. I live in Idaho in the U.S. but the best thing about this is that I've actually been to Ireland! Yep, hubs and I did a 10 fly/drive back in the 80s and we absolutely LOOOOOVED Ireland. They seemed to love us too, but what's not to love about me! Anyway, get in contact with me and we'll swap letters. Come visit my blog and my email is right on there. Barbara gave me yours, sugar...

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind comments!Yes Ireland does have its moments!
    Connie,found your email will get cracking on that letter!
    Delana, I am not a vegetable gardener but I would be glad to find an answer to your question(I know experts I could ask)!

  8. These are the kind of places I love.


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