Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Garden

Stargazer Lilies exuding a heavy scent when I pass by!

I was never an advocate of artificial flowers but I have discovered some that look so well I have been persuaded to purchase! These poppies were bought in Meadows and Byrnes in the city centre for 1.75 euros for a two flowered stem complete with buds!
A new addition to the container collection,an evergreen called Felicia!
Coral coloured day lilies
Day lilies
Stargazers still unfolding
Verbena bonarensis just coming into flower
Japanese Anenomes pale pink
Red hot surfinias


  1. My Japanese anemones are just beginning too. They remind me of my grandfather's garden!

  2. You obviously have a skill for growing flowers and other plants. I wish we had the ability to do more where we live in California but with the heat and our dog, it makes it difficult. We love the flowers and plants we find in Provence. You have a wonderful blog. My father loved flowers and he would have been a big fan of your blog.

  3. The garden is looking great, I was convinced the poppies were real until I read the post!


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