Sunday, December 19, 2010


This is what I had to walk through for around 20mins.yesterday from home to the hairdressers to get a haircut and colour for Christmas!More snow due to us during tonight/tomorrow Mon. I think people are generally fed up of the white stuff now as it is curtailing activities everywhere.
On a more tragic note a young girl died here yesterday while sledding down a steep hill and crashed into a large tree which killed her instantly,freinds who were with her survived with injuries and are hospitalised.


  1. I have been reading about the bad weather you all are having. My neighbors were scheduled to leave this morning for London to visit their son and were not able to leave today because of Heathrow being shut down.
    Stay safe and warm!

  2. Oh what we do for a colour & Cut!I think the novelty value of the snow has now passed and we want to get back to some degree of normality like Christmas shopping!

  3. Tired of it here too and just seen the weeks forecast on Countryfile and there's more to come with a possibility of more over Christmas.

    I have posted some beautiful photos amidst the chaos.

    Spirit of Christmas interesting.


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