Thursday, December 2, 2010

Walking in the sunshine!

Today I took advantage of lovely blue skies and sunshine to get out for my walk which I have missed these past two days owing to freezing temps.and icy footpaths which are hard to see in the dark,which is the usual time I manage to get out!
The little girl I mind was at home sick so that gave me a free morning to stretch my legs and excercise! The temperature is due to fall to -8 tonight with rain and wind forecast too so we can expect slippery surfaces tomorrow! We are not as badly off as the east of the country though as snow is falling fairly heavily there and all sorts of problems are being caused to transport both land and air.It used to be that rain and wind was the bane of our lives here in Ireland but now I would take the rain anyday,at least we can get out and travel around!At least the local councils seem to have the gritting and salting of main roads under control so all is not lost.

Patches of ice and snow still lingering during the day.
This is the Lough a lovely place to walk around and this morning it was mostly frozen over though not as much as last year when skaters took their lives in their hands and skated on the surface!See photos from last January on my side bar!
Sorry for the blurry picture!
It pays to obey the signs!
Spotted these geysers/fountain type things this morning,must be to keep the water flowing for the birds like a kind of oasis for them in the frozen waters!

The Christmas Crib waiting to be unveiled where it will be complete with the full size figures and lighting.


  1. I had forgotten the Lough might freeze over!Another few days of this and it will be solid. The geezer thingys look interesting?!

  2. Beautiful blue sky. We certainly are getting our share of snow and ice are we not? More forecast too.


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