Sunday, November 21, 2010

33 days and counting..................

More Christmassey images from my locality...................
Bright November skies in Cork City this morning (Sun.)
This fibre optic type Christmas tree changes colour to ring the changes at our local garden centre and shop.
Santa s band belting it out at Hanleys Garden Centre and seasonal shop!

Lighting up the night sky!

Our local garden centre and seasonal shop all aglow for the season!
My youngest daughter in her work uniform last week! A special day was held where she works part time in Mothercare for parents and young children where Early Learning Centre toys were on display for the day!


  1. Yay, it is close enough to Christmas to enjoy decorations without feeling the season's being rushed into too early! I think Cork will be a lovely place to visit for bringing on the Christmassy feel- we'll be making a trip soon!

  2. 33 days - wow - I am not counting!

  3. I saw Hanly's lit up on the way to the airport, it does look terrific but I am not even thinking about decorating at home yet!


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