Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Tidings!

Hellebores ,still a little short on height but looking lovely from my kitchen window, and just spotted the ladybird now!
Day Lilies greening up!

Monkshood sprouting nicely.
Heavenly Hellebores! I always cut off the green leaves once the flowers emerge,they seem to look better without them too.
Daffs. all in a row!
These I posted on the blog a few weeks ago and now they are so much better!
And now for something completely different.............and spectacular! I do not normally involve my family in my blog blatherings but drumroll daughter has just published her first book!
As you can see the title is Mousetrapped and is an account of her experience when working abroad in Florida,disneyworld to be exact! It is an entertaining story of how she travelled all alone,knowing no one to Florida with a job secured at a hotel in the Disney complex,leaving a neurotic Mother behind in the process! Catherine,my eldest has always wanted to write a bestseller and with a novel completed and with her agent at the moment we are keeping our fingers crossed! This one went the self publishing route and is for sale with so if you would like to read more.............well you know what you gotta do!

Back cover!
Last weekend dawned lovely and sunny here in Cork,so on Sunday we took a drive to Tramore,Co Waterford a two and a half hour drive approx. Imagine our surprise when we came close to the seafront to be confronted with a sea fog so thick you could not see out to sea,and the cold was no fun either!We left the blue sky and sunshine behind us in Cork.After a quick walkabout we retreated to a local restaurant,Mistys,cheap and cheerful and a favourite since many years ago,and enjoyed a light meal before heading home.It rained on the journey back even to Cork itself.Next time we will head West!
You can see from this photo how dense the sea fog was!
The horizon is not visible with the sea fog,no blue sky here!
Lots of people strolling along the promenade,the fog is descending fast here and it was so cold!

Not Disneyland but the teacups and saucers ride in the amusement park in Tramore, Co.Waterford.Well you could close your eyes and dream I suppose!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St.Patricks Day

Well another Patricks Day has come and gone! In Cork City a food festival was held on the Grand Parade to mark the event complete with traditional Irish music as well and was a welcome sight over the few days. The weather for once was obliging and the crowds were out in force. A few pics of the proceedings follows! Hope everyone enjoyed the day!
Pig on a spit!

Never too cold for ice cream!
All tastes catered for!
Even the iron railings turn into shamrocks on the day!!!!!

Traditional Irish music playing during the food festival
Advertising free tea at the food festival during the ST Patricks celebrations
A Cork Institution!

My "Green" outfit for St.Patricks Day!

Friday, March 12, 2010

St. Patricks Day

Well its nearly that time of year again! Time for all the paddywhackery to come out..........!
This video will give you all a taste of some of the myths surrounding this very Irish Day, take with a pinch of salt!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Its beginning to look a lot like Springtime......................................or so the song should go!
Its after been a cold foggy early start to this morning but a bit brighter now though the clouds look like rain is on the way!Yesterday was the first day I thought I felt a little warmth in the day!These are a few of my spring flowers peeking through at last and some in full flower.Lots of work to be done in the little patch but not until it gets milder!

On another note for those who are struggling with our various vices during the Lenten season, here is an inspirational little ditty that may get you through!Click to enlarge to read! So far I have gotten through a christening party and have a 50th birthday party at the weekend all without a drop of Sauvignon in far! My exceptions will be Mothers Day and of course Patricks Day!Cant let the country down!